Short-term IT rental

Short-term rental is the solution to the success and flexibility of your IT projects:

Do you need to test applications in the short term without breaking the bank?
Are you moving soon and you can’t afford a business interruption?
Do you need to provide training for your employees / partners / customers?
Do you need computer equipment for a conference, trade show or demonstration?

We have a wide range of servers for rental that we can configure on demand.

Our prices allow you to realize your projects!

We offer for rental:
– Servers
– Storage bays / backup drives / Tape library
– Racks / Ups / Switches.
– PCs / Screens / Keyboards / Laptops / Printers.

Our prices will allow you to realize your projects!

How does the rental work for my business?

Renting is quick and easy.
The rented configuration is integrated into our laboratory as quickly as possible.
We deliver door to door to the location indicated.
We will install the equipment if you wish:
Assistance with handling packages
Installation of equipment: connection and commissioning
Support for disconnection, packaging and shipping services at the end of the contract on request.