Free Form RPG Development


The RPG language is the language of choice for the System i – AS/400 platform.

In collaboration with a team of consultants and freelance developers, we offer personalized developments to meet one-off or permanent needs.

We create high-performance programs using minimal machine resources.

The RPG is recognized, particularly since its RPG IV evolution, as very accessible and enabling the rapid production of readable and easily maintainable developments.

For all these reasons, RPG development remains the basis for programming traditional or web applications.

The evolution from RPG to RPG Free-Form simplifies coding and allows you to perpetuate your infrastructure by entrusting it to young new employees trained in these new modern languages

We also offer to modernize your IBM i iSeries and AS400 applications displayed on 5250 green screens using modern interfaces for web and mobile browsers that users demand.

A need for modernization, a new project, contact us.