Installation and Upgrade Hardware and Software

IT partner for your hardware and software installation

We intervene to:
  • Size your server, storage and network infrastructure
  • Physically install and configure your server (operating systems, anti-virus software, network)
  • Configure and virtualize (Hyper V, VMware or CITRIX)
  • Manage your partitions and changing future needs
  • Configure the network of physical or virtual servers and workstations
  • Configure and protect your storage space
  • Restore data to your new infrastructure
  • Update software data and upgrade the performance of your infrastructure
  • Set up backups in the Cloud, on a shared or dedicated outsourced server

Deployment of servers and workstations and design of secure network architectures:

Do you want to work networked or remotely while securing your strategic data?
We set up the server + storage + network solution adapted to your constraints
Geographical (remote sites), temporal (configured architecture available within 1 week), or financial (reconditioned equipment) constraints in order to work with complete peace of mind. You entrust us with the replacement of old workstations and their peripherals with new machines. We manage the physical installation and software preparation of workstations:
  • Resumption of your former positions.
  • Development of specifications.
  • Setting up local networks and work groups in heterogeneous environments.
  • Creation of remote connections between networks (VPN across the internet / Secure connections).
  • Deployment of servers locally or remotely.
  • Development by us of fleet management software

Installation of a new IT system and software migrations

We install new or used computer systems. We carry out software and application data transfers and assist with commissioning: – Physical replacement of your old system with a new system. – Saving data. – Migration of software licenses and applications. – Data restoration. – Partitioning / Virtualization. – Update of PTFs.

Examples of software upgrades:

  • Migrating from an IBM Power i in V5R4 to a V7R3 version
  • Migrating from a Windows Server 2012 version to a Windows Server 2016 version
  • Migrating from VMware 5.1 to a VMware 6.5 version
  • Updating antivirus software