Virtualization is a technical approach with multiple challenges. Virtualization of servers, workstations, storage… These subjects are at the heart of all our clients’ projects. But no two infrastructures are alike because needs vary depending on IT teams, industry, business applications, SSO, or backup and BCP requirements. This is why the expertise and feedback from the BESTinfo teams will be useful to you. However, the benefits of virtualization are multiple:
  • optimal use of resources
  • easy installation, deployment and migration
  • savings on hardware (power consumption, physical maintenance, monitoring, support)
  • simplification of tests by creating temporary environments
  • securing and/or isolating a network
  • isolation of different simultaneous users of the same machine
  • dynamic power allocation
  • simplification of initial sizing taking into account developments thanks to pooling
BESTinfo brings you its skills in the following contexts:
  • Backing up virtualized environments
  • Virtualization of your Intel servers via HypwerV or VMware
  • Creation of virtual partitions on your Intel or Power Systems servers
  • Consolidation and virtualization of your IBM AIX and i servers
  • Virtualization of your workstations and applications using CITRIX or VMWARE
  • Updating software versions and modernizing infrastructure
BESTinfo recommends and therefore also offers the POC phase.