BRP : Business Resumption Plan

We support you in formalizing your BRP – Business Resumption Plan – and activating it when an incident occurs on your infrastructure or your database. It aims to put in place preventive measures and anticipate the plan to be implemented in the event of a disaster. It is established to enable the continuity of your business.

In the event of an incident, your stakes are high. They directly affect your level of activity, your brand image and the trust placed by your customers. We are at your side to manage the situation.

We offer 2 Business Resumption Plan policies, a cold solution and a hot solution. Their difference lies in the possibility of stopping your machines or not, depending on your business and your requirements.

1 – BRP : a cold solution

Your production server breaks down and your backup server (located in your company or at another hosting location) takes over after loading the backup tapes. In this case, it is a cold backup with machine shutdown tolerated for a significant period of time.

2 – BRP : a hot solution

Your activity is critical and you cannot afford a machine shutdown that could have intolerable consequences, we implement a hot PRA solution on your AS400 Iseries Power Systems servers. This approach makes it possible to secure hardware failures and avoid any business interruption that could seriously harm your business and your reputation.

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