Outsourcing? Specialists who manage your infrastructure

Outsourcing is a qualitative solution to free you from the daily management of your IT infrastructure. You are looking to confidently outsource the management of your information system, BESTinfo provides you with specific skills. So on a daily basis, we ensure the maintenance of your information system in working order. Furthermore, we are implementing the necessary developments. We build a solution tailored to you, based on your expectations.
Your servers are hosted in a partner Data Center. Your data is hosted on your servers or on a dedicated or shared server. We provide the required managed services.

The advantages of outsourcing

You optimize human resources, so you free up time that you can devote to your core business. You control your budget and the financial resources allocated to your information system. As a result, you reduce your TCO (total cost of ownership). Overall, we help meet your requirements in terms of application and financial security. Outsourcing is aimed at all types of companies: Large groups, SMEs and VSEs. Assistance can be provided to different contacts in your company: the IT administrator, users or even company management.