The Company

BESTinfo was born in 2004 from an association between 2 professionals in the UNIX and OS/400 environment in order to create an IBM skills center and become IBM Business Partner.
This association took on its full scope with the coming together of the two hardware platforms Système p and Système i to create Systèmes Power.

Since then, BESTinfo, IT Infrastructure supplier, has opened its expertise to other Unix and Windows environments with the marketing of hardware:

  • IBM System x.
  • IBM BladeCenter.
  • HP Compaq Proliant and HP-UX.
  • Dell Poweredge.
  • Sun Microsystem

Our vocation is to seek the infrastructure best suited to your application and financial constraints and your timing.

Thus, we offer solutions at several levels:

  • New equipment (normal manufacturer’s warranty 1 to 3 years with possible extension to 5 years).
  • New clearance equipment (residual guarantee).
  • Equipment reconditioned by the manufacturer (manufacturer guarantee or BESTinfo guarantee 1 to 3 months with the possibility of subscribing to manufacturer maintenance).
  • Equipment reconditioned by BESTinfo (1 to 3 months warranty by BESTinfo in standard exchange, equipment eligible for any manufacturer maintenance or third-party maintenance).

BESTinfo eco-responsible:

  • We upgrade old systems to offer them on the IT brok market.
  • We recycle unusable and obsolete equipment in the following forms:
    1. Recycling of equipment that cannot be used as raw material.
    2. Recycling obsolete components into artistic and aesthetic work.

BESTinfo Services:
Develop your infrastructure towards a more efficient solution in terms of:

  • Speed ​​of servers and application constraints.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Energetic efficiency.

Outsource your IT in a CLOUD COMPUTING environment.
Implement a winning combination as part of a PRA (Business Resumption Plan) or PCA (Business Continuity Plan).
Protect your data with the right storage solution and level of protection.

Bestinfo’s Commitments

An eco-responsible attitude

One of the foundations of our company is the revaluation of computer equipment.
We recondition computer systems to extend their lifespan and promote sustainable development.
We transform the equipment into raw material for very old equipment.
We entrust the computer equipment to a visual artist who transforms it into a work of art: how can we give more beautiful life to matter? “Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed”

Cultural patronage: Our commitment to defending eco-citizen values ​​is reflected in our actions.
BESTinfo is associated with the Beautiful Sea art gallery to support contemporary artists and contribute to sustainable development. The company becomes a Patron 2013 by supporting the visual artist Nicolas Delay in his artistic development. His work was born from a reflection on the carbon footprint left in our consumer societies.
See the work of Nicolas Delay
View the BEAUTIFUL SEA gallery.

Social development

Our Human Resources policy is focused on personal development, trust and freedom of action within the limits of respect for human values.

  • Ongoing training in all areas: technical, marketing, social.
  • Participation in international seminars & opening to the world.
  • Delegation of new missions in the professional context.
  • Intern promotion.

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