The solution for getting rid of your previous computer equipment: SELL IT !


You would like to make space in your computer room. The equipment installed may no longer be worth for you, but BESTinfo may value it. Not all companies are evolving the same way in IT terms. As a result, equipment, even more than 3 years old, may still be of interest to other companies and/or other countries. In this area, BESTinfo implements a turnkey service.

Trusting BESTinfo for your computer recycling project means:

  • A team dedicated to your project to manage equipment removal: an efficient technical team / a professional logistics team
  • A large storage area to accommodate the material and sort it for optimised recycling
  • A recovery of your investment with the sales of your old equipment
  • Supply of WEEE destruction certificate to comply with the European regulation
  • Serenity of a job well done

How is equipment recovery going?

At first, we need a complete audit to make a take out/recycling proposition:

  • Type of equipment
  • Physical and operational conditions of the equipment
  • Configuration description
  • Volume involved
  • Handling requirements
  • Information about the site (equipment disposal / truck access / Authorized access)
  • Buy Back Offer