Realization of software upgrades or software migrations

You want to gain power and performance? You can upgrade a processor or add disk or memory capacity. We intervene on your server to proceed with the hardware installation. If you decide to acquire a new server or simply upgrade your operating system to a newer version, we will switch your applications from the old to the new system by providing you with the skills required to realize the process.


Hardware upgrade example:

We intervene quickly to add performance to your system or to repair a defective part:

  • Disc Extensions Addition
  • HDDs
  • Memory Cards
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Processors Addition
  • IOP cards
  • Ethernet cards
  • Tape Drives
  • PCI, PCIe, PCIx cards
  • Blades …

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Example of software upgrade:

  • Migrating an IBM Power i V5R4 to a V7R3 Version
  • Migrating a Windows Server 2012 Version to a Windows Server 2016 Version
  • Migrating a VMware 5.1 to a VMware 6.5 Version
  • Updating antivirus software